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# Detect Puppy Distro for Apollia's Puppy Linux Setup Kit (APSK) Not done yet. 23:24:20 04/11/2018. A simple little app which will hopefully reliably identify different Puppy Linux distros. Here's a helpful page which shows some other ways to find out the Puppy Linux version: <br><br> The Distro Specs folder contains copies of the /etc/DISTRO_SPECS file from various Puppy Linuxes. (Currently just Lighthouse 64 Puppy Linux 6.02 Beta 2.) This app will probably only be run once by APSK - during APSK's initialization. This app will try to find a file in the Distro Specs folder which is identical to the running Puppy's /etc/DISTRO_SPECS file. If a match is found, the distro is assumed to be whatever distro name is in the matching file's filename, and that info is noted somewhere amongst APSK's note files in /tmp/APSK.