January 20, 2020
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A small change to make this work better with the apphoard VDI makers in APSK VirtualBox Guest Setup Scripts.

Apollia authored on 01/20/2020 14:58:06
September 12, 2018
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Added an AppRun script, which makes it so when you're using the Rox-Filer file manager, it's possible to run this app by simply opening its folder.

Apollia authored on 09/12/2018 10:12:06
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Improved the Readme's formatting.

Apollia authored on 09/12/2018 09:34:25
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Perms of most files changed because a copy of this app is going to be stored on a vfat disk.

Apollia authored on 09/12/2018 09:31:00
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Changed the folder name "English - U.S." to "English - US", because vfat disks don't allow fiolnames to end with a period.

Apollia authored on 09/12/2018 09:25:17
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Replaced the "apsk-make-ext2-disk-img" symlink with a short script, because a copy of this app is going to be put on a vfat disk, and vfat disks can't handle symlinks.

Apollia authored on 09/12/2018 09:12:22
May 4, 2018
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Added .Installers folder, so now APSK Apphoard Manager can easily install this app.

Apollia authored on 05/04/2018 21:48:16
April 1, 2018
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Slightly changed more result code stuff.

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 06:21:19
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Slightly changed some result code stuff.

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 06:16:18
View e54e71d

Various small improvements.

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 05:50:22
View 64b7ff9

Moved some GUI functions into "This App's GUI Functions" instead of "Main Library".

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 04:53:30
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Why does Git think this is a merge?

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 04:47:56
View bc57c83

New console mode option: -n, --no-rox, --no-rox-filer, --do-not-open-dest-folder-with-rox-filer

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 04:32:49
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Fixed typo

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 04:00:49
View 5c990fc

Added long option names for the options which display the GUI help text in the console.

Apollia authored on 04/01/2018 03:58:10