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# ext2 Disk Image Mounter for Apollia's Puppy Linux Setup Kit (APSK) by Apollia - []( <br>Note, April 7, 2018: Finally noticed that the Busybox version of the "losetup" command only shows the first 63 characters of a disk image file's path. Fortunately, at least Lighthouse 64 Puppy Linux 6.02 Beta 2 has the "losetup-FULL" command, which doesn't have that problem! So, this app now only uses "losetup-FULL" instead of "losetup". <br>Note, April 4, 2018: Still very incomplete, but currently, it can writably mount ext2 disk image files at /apmnt/diskimage1, /apmnt/diskimage2, etc. And the dragdrop GUI interface works. The Desc and Usage files are probably mostly complete, and explain what this is _supposed_ to do. To unmount ext2 disk images, go to the /apmnt/ folder with the Rox-Filer file manager, right-click on the mountpoint folder, and choose "Unmount" from the menu that appears. To easily make new, empty ext2 disk images, you can use: []( <br>Things that still aren't done include: * This readme * Numerous command line options. * The ability to specify a mountpoint anywhere (within reason). * The ability to name a mountpoint folder inside /apmnt/. * The ability to choose a disk image slot number (as in /apmnt/diskimage[slot number]). * There needs to be 2 drag/drop scripts - one to mount disk images read-only, and the other to mount them writably. * Tests * Probably other things. <br><br> Thanks to Paomedia for the nice water drop icon! []( <br>[]( <br>[]( <br>[]( <br>[]( <br><br> And thanks to - []( - for making it so easy to find that icon: [](