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# APSK Initializer Not done yet. 03:17:12 04/10/2018. The repo formerly known as APSK-Initializer is now here: APSK Runner contains stuff that is meant to reside somewhere outside of APSK's disk images. APSK Initializer contains some of the stuff that's inside the ext2 disk image called "APSK Initializer". <br><br>06:40:51 04/10/2018. The official default Initialize APSK script (which only mounts ext2 disk images) hasn't been written yet, since I usually prefer to use TrueCrypt volumes instead of ext2 disk images. So, I made an Initialize APSK script which launches various other scripts to set up TrueCrypt, mount a TrueCrypt volume called "APSK Initializer 2", and launch the "Initialize APSK" script inside that.