September 10, 2018
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What I changed so far since the power outage of Sept. 8th, 2018.

Apollia authored on 09/10/2018 09:06:31
July 8, 2018
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Moved the "Procedures" folder out of the "Helpers" folder and into the top level of the repo.

Apollia authored on 07/08/2018 20:46:35
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Deleted some long comments from Usual, since I moved them to a documentation vuemap.

Apollia authored on 07/08/2018 08:23:58
July 6, 2018
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Old stuff from soon after I deleted my repos from GitHub.

Apollia authored on 07/06/2018 02:17:04
June 3, 2018
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Ready to be run by my VirtualBox Snapshot 2.

Apollia authored on 06/03/2018 20:36:07
May 31, 2018
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Renamed more actioneers.

Apollia authored on 05/31/2018 08:31:32
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Shortened more names of Actioneers of Jockeys, and deleted some junk files.

Apollia authored on 05/31/2018 08:09:06
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Gave some jockeys shorter names, abbreviating "APSK Initializer Stage 2" as "Iniz2".

Apollia authored on 05/31/2018 07:57:58
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Moved general computer-specific platz declarations to their own Actioneer script.

Apollia authored on 05/31/2018 07:47:22
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Rearranged things and deleted some files, like some accidental duplicates resulting from things like my avoidance of using rsync's delete options with Ramize-Physave, and also from my GNU Emacs multifile sometimes re-creating recently deleted files.

Apollia authored on 05/31/2018 07:09:38
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Added a bit more to those comments.

Apollia authored on 05/31/2018 00:44:22
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Added some comments about Actioneers, Jockeys, Workhorses, and Workhorse Whisperers.

Apollia authored on 05/31/2018 00:33:49
May 30, 2018
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Now there's a Refresh Platzes script which updates most platzes without me having to re-run the entire APSK Initializer Stage 2.

Apollia authored on 05/30/2018 23:13:09
May 29, 2018
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Various platz-related things, and some new jockeys to install sound-related config files.

Apollia authored on 05/29/2018 15:46:01
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Renamed some platzes and moved some platz declarations.

Apollia authored on 05/29/2018 14:27:51