May 11, 2022

Very old, drafty changes mostly from July 22-23, 2019. And ".Source Code/apsk-runner" was last edited March 5, 2021, though it's unclear what I did then, if anything.

Apollia authored on05/11/2022 16:27:47
October 9, 2019

Added a new script: "Run APSK Runner, then Install VUE, etc ASAP for Vern", which makes it easy to install VUE in my internetless VirtualBox guest system, Vern.

Apollia authored on10/09/2019 20:21:29
July 26, 2019

Various additions to apsk-runner, such as sourcing various libraries. Added a bit to the app's translations and args.

Apollia authored on07/26/2019 01:11:16

In apsk-runner, simplified the launch of Termwin, since that became possible after I fixed a few things in Termwin.

Apollia authored on07/26/2019 00:06:32
July 25, 2019

In apsk-runner, fixed some problems with "Devfunc____Possibly_Abort_and_Relaunch_with_Termwin", so now, unlike before, it really works as intended when apsk-runner is launched by the AppRun scripts.

Apollia authored on07/25/2019 08:27:26

In apsk-runner, slightly improved "Devfunc____Possibly_Abort_and_Relaunch_with_Termwin", so it now works as intended when apsk-runner is launched by the Dev Mode AppRun, and also can forward any number of args to the relaunched apsk-runner.

Apollia authored on07/25/2019 07:34:33

Removed some clutter from apsk-runner.

Apollia authored on07/25/2019 07:06:21
July 24, 2019

Added apsk-runner to "Roster Bin Symlinks to Make".

Apollia authored on07/24/2019 06:43:08

To apsk-runner, added some developer functions to make it easier to see output, and non-dev functions which begin to do some of the things APSK Runner is supposed to do.

Apollia authored on07/24/2019 06:36:42

In ".Source Code/Dev Mode Procedures/Show GUI", removed code which was the same as code in ".Source Code/Dev Mode AppRun2".

Apollia authored on07/24/2019 01:28:18

In ".Source Code/Dev Mode Procedures/Launch Termwin and Transcript", slightly changed comment wording and converted some spaces to tabs.

Apollia authored on07/24/2019 01:19:47
July 23, 2019

Updated the comments in ".Source Code/Dev Mode Procedures/Launch Termwin and Transcript" which explain how APSK Runner can distinguish between the 4 copies of APSK Runner I like to keep around - the Apphoard Copy, the Extern Copy, and the Ramized or Physaved Developer Workspace Copies.

Apollia authored on07/23/2019 22:16:33

Renamed ".Apbin and Extern Ramize-Physave" to ".Apphoard and Extern Ramize-Physave", and changed various things to reflect that.

Apollia authored on07/23/2019 22:09:04
July 22, 2019

Added 3 devtool scripts which open various Ramize-Physave config files in the Geany text editor.

Apollia authored on07/22/2019 20:03:22

From "/.Source Code/Dev Mode AppRun", removed old versions of functions which are in the library "APSK Simple Dialog Displayer".

Apollia authored on07/22/2019 20:01:04