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# APSK Runner for Apollia's Puppy Linux Setup Kit (APSK) by Apollia - []( Not done yet. 08:51:25 04/07/2018. This app intentionally does very little, except: * Mounting an ext2 disk image named "APSK Initializer Stage 1". * Launching a customizable script which that disk image contains, named "Initialize APSK - Stage 1". Most new Puppy Linux users will probably put APSK on a disk with a non-GNU/Linux filesystem. APSK Runner is part of my effort to make it so that's not a problem for APSK. <br><br> 03:55:30 04/10/2018. This won't work right unless there's a folder named Disk Images, containing an ext2 disk image named "APSK Initializer Stage 1". That disk image can be created with APSK ext2 Disk Image Maker: []( <br><br> The scripts that should be inside the "APSK Initializer Stage 1" disk image are here: []( <br><br> Someday, the process of putting all this stuff together will be automated. --- Thanks to the creators of the adorable puppy pictures from Wikimedia Commons which I resized to make 128x128 icons! []( []( []( [](