readonly Script_Title="Unmount DevX SFS"


readonly Fillepath____Quickly_Toggle_SFS_Mount="/root/APSK-VBSK VirtualBox Setup Kit/Quickly Toggle SFS Mount/Caution - Running this multiple times too quickly can crash the entire system!/quickly_toggle_sfs_mount"

if [ -d "$LH64_602_B2_DevX_Mountpoint" ]

	sfs_load "/media/DevX/Devx-L64_602.sfs"
	# 18:50:58 01/08/2018.  The user must click the "SFS-Load" button in the window that pops up.
	# Then, if the DevX is currently already mounted, sfs_load will ask the user whether
	# it should be unmounted.
	exit 0

# 21:59:48 01/09/2018.  If this isn't LH64_602_B2, then, hopefully the
# Mount DevX SFS script created a temp text file containing the location of the DevX.


devx_location=$(cat "$Temp_Fillepath____DevX_Location")

#sfs_load "$devx_location"

bash "$Fillepath____Quickly_Toggle_SFS_Mount" "$devx_location"