October 4, 2021

Various old changes from March 2021 or sometime before:

Apollia authored on10/04/2021 10:19:41

In "00-For Host System to Run", added "Do VirtualBox Host Setup", which runs all the platz setter scripts necessary to make the host system capable of successfully running APSK-VBSK. And since many host systems don't have enough RAM to be capable of copying lots of ISO files into the ramdisk, I made it easy to symlink to those ISOs instead with the new script "00-For Host System to Run/Requires Platz Trailblazer/Platz Setters/In cargohold, symlink to All ISOs".

Apollia authored on10/04/2021 09:50:01
March 5, 2021

Made it so all the scripts which formerly depended on external copies of "Get Fullpath Without Resolving Symlinks" and "APSK Bash Debugging Library" now use APSK-VBSK's own copies of those programs.

Apollia authored on03/05/2021 08:50:53

To the new "Perl Modules" folder, added Cwd::Ext by Leo Charre, along with its Readme and .pod file. This module is required by the program "Get Fullpath Without Resolving Symlinks".

Apollia authored on03/05/2021 08:25:44

Added the program "Get Fullpath Without Resolving Symlinks" and its readme to a new "Other Apps" folder.

Apollia authored on03/05/2021 08:13:40
March 4, 2021

Added function headers and footers to many functions in "Package Libraries/Make VBSK ISO".

Apollia authored on03/04/2021 12:08:18
March 3, 2021

Mirrored a recent update to Termwin: "Termwin now allows encape args to be empty strings."

Apollia authored on03/03/2021 18:01:43

Made apsk-make-vbsk-iso's switch --should-allow-nonexistent-custom-fiols useable.

Apollia authored on03/03/2021 13:34:12

Added a copy of my Termwin program to make it easier and more flexible for the user to automatically run whatever console commands the user wants after APSK-VBSK's own guest setup is finished.

Apollia authored on03/03/2021 09:59:03
February 27, 2021

Updated the Readme a bit to point out what host and guest OSes I've used this repo with, and some of the problems I've encountered.

Apollia authored on02/27/2021 05:53:26
December 11, 2020

In the default pinboards, replaced instances of the old app name with the new app name.

Apollia authored on12/08/2020 11:44:25
December 8, 2020

Slightly improved "For apsk-make-vm - Set platzes for default ISOs" and the way it sets the "Default Official VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO" platz (which I just renamed again). Moved the 2 vars you can customize to the top.

Apollia authored on12/08/2020 09:02:48

Now the command "apsk-make-vm" works again, since I corrected more obsolete platzes. Also, to all the platzes for the official VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO, I added the version number of the version of VirtualBox I'm using.

Apollia authored on12/08/2020 08:38:26

Mirrored my recent updates to APSK Bash Debugging Library.

Apollia authored on12/08/2020 08:00:03

Updated "ISOs for Cargohold - no objects, just hashes". I used this script to try out APSK Bash Debugging Library's new functions for printing hashes (associative arrays).

Apollia authored on12/08/2020 07:52:55