November 9, 2020

Now, "Go to apbin copy" and "Update apbin copy" figure out this app collection's Apbin path by looking at the "App Name" and "App Version" files in ".Installers/Used by APSK Apphoards".

Apollia authored on11/09/2020 07:37:57
August 21, 2020

Made the navigational scripts "Go to apbin copy" and "Go to workspace copy" more secure by adding the --dir switch to their Rox-Filer command lines, so Rox won't automatically run any AppRun scripts found in those folders.

Apollia authored on08/21/2020 12:25:19
December 19, 2019

Corrected "App Name" file used by APSK Apphoard Manager, and added scripts "Go to apbin copy" and "Update apbin copy".

Apollia authored on12/19/2019 05:49:14