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# Apollia's Food Vuemaps by Apollia - []( 15:08:00 07/20/2018. These concept maps can be viewed and edited in [VUE: Visual Understanding Environment]( As described in more detail in one of [my self-help vuemaps]( and [elsewhere](, I've sometimes had a difficult time eating well, and eating enough. So, I made some vuemaps about food to try to make it easier for me to eat better. <br>Similar to a restaurant menu - instead of having to struggle to think up or remember meal ideas whenever I get hungry, I can look at my vuemaps for numerous good ideas. These maps also help with grocery shopping by visually reminding me of what items we might be running low on. <br>The maps in this repo are actually not the maps I was using since 2017. I always meant to improve those maps a lot more, but other things usually seemed more important. So, I finally decided to make some new maps and publish them in this Git repo. Which seems like a good idea because I often put more effort into things I publish (or otherwise share) than my own private notes. Which means hopefully I'll do a better, more thorough job making these maps than my private maps. <br>However, to avoid any possible copyright issues, I didn't include any of the images I use in my food maps. <br>Also, these maps are currently quite incomplete, and might remain that way for a while.