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# Apollia's Gitted Vuemap Repo Template by Apollia - []( <br>10:46:25 10/26/2019. [Apollia's Git Repo Template](, plus files just for vuemap repos. * Salty vuemap templates, customizable with XSLT and [Salty XML Transformer]( * An XSLT sheet which [Salty XML Transformer]( can use to customize the included Salty vuemap templates. * Unsalty vuemap templates, customizable manually. <br>Here's a repo of many scripts which do various things with vuemaps and vuemap templates: []( <br>16:44:23 07/18/2018. 10:49:57 10/26/2019. This Vuemap Git Repo Template also contains basic things I like to have in most every Git repo I make: * A Readme file. * A .gitignore file. * An .hgignore file, since I sometimes like using both Mercurial and Git in the same repo. * An .Installers folder, containing 4 example settings files ("App Name", "App Version", and "Roster Bin Symlinks to Make", "Roster Perl-Inc Symlinks to Make"), which make it possible for [APSK Apphoard Manager]( to easily install the repo in an apphoard. * The GNU Affero General Public License 3.0: [](