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# Apollia's Redshift Settings by Apollia - []( 21:50:49 06/14/2019. Small Bash scripts I wrote which launch the screen-tinting software Redshift with custom settings. <br> * The official home page of Redshift: []( * My []( blog post about Redshift: [Redshift, a wonderful alternative to the f.lux screen-tinting software]( (Feb. 26, 2016) <br> Every setting so far uses: * The switch -l (location) with the arguments -90:0 - the latitude of the South Pole (-90), and longitude 0. * The switch -r (disables temperature transitions), which makes the changes get displayed instantly. * The command "pkill -x redshift" before running Redshift, to end any already-running Redshift process. This should hopefully prevent the problem of Redshift's changes becoming temporarily unremovable - a problem which happens to me anytime there is more than one Redshift process running at the same time. (If you somehow do run into that problem anyway, you can fix it by restarting X Windows, which fortunately is not the same thing as rebooting.) <br>These scripts are all under: * The GNU Affero General Public License 3.0: [](