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# Apollia's Self-Help Vuemaps by Apollia - []( 00:31:30 07/12/2018. These concept maps can be viewed and edited in [VUE: Visual Understanding Environment]( <br>I often find writing about things to be very helpful in thinking through problems and brainstorming solutions. A lot of the time I just journal, but I often find it quite useful to jot down notes in a more structured format, such as a concept map. I usually just made (or make) up my own rules for my concept maps' design and structure - and even that has usually been quite helpful. But, I long wondered if a more formal approach might be helpful, and where I could learn more about such approaches. <br>Happily, sometime back in 2017, reading things related to the brilliant [Eliyahu Goldratt]( and the [Theory of Constraints]( led me to a great book called [The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving](, which contains tons of details on formal processes for building various kinds of maps - exactly the sort of thing I had been hoping to find! So far, due to being busy with other things, I actually still haven't ever made a complete set of LTP (Logical Thinking Process) maps, and I don't think I ever yet strictly followed the rules. But, I think my mapmaking was improved by reading that book. And I still want to try following the formal LTP process more strictly someday. My [VUE-Related Bash Scripts]( repo contains stuff to make it easy to create a new set of five LTP (Logical Thinking Process) maps using templates. <br> ## My self-help concept maps Only 2 are here so far, since I keep most of my maps private. **Warning**: I'm fond of the color blue, so I actually put in a fair amount of blue, despite the [circadian issues that blue light]( is reputed to contribute to. Also, I made these while using the screen-tinting software [Redshift](, so, the colors might not be as nice to look at without [Redshift]( <br>* Apollia-Goals.vue - Original release's timestamp: Wed Nov 08 08:07:32 EST 2017. About my overall goals in life, written about in a general way, without even naming most of my specific projects, such as [my Puppy Linux Setup Kit]( and [Astroblahhh Desktop]( PNG image: []( <br>JPG image: []( <br>Originally released in this blog post: []( <br>Quotes from that blog post, with omissions indicated by "[...]": ---- **Nov. 7, 2017, 12:35 PM EST**. [...] yesterday and today, using VUE, I worked on a map that was originally intended to be an Intermediate Objectives map. But, I chose such a large "system" to depict - my overall goals in life - that I ended up not really following a lot of the map-making rules. So, my result looks like a bit like a deranged game of [cat's cradle]( played by at least one invisible octopus. :-) But, nonetheless, I'm very happy with it. :-) Maybe I'll add a bit more to it, then at some point maybe even share it with the world. <br>I already feel less lost and confused, now that I have that big tangle in a concept map instead of (mainly) my mind, and also fragments in many assorted other maps, none of which are such a comprehensive yet fairly succinct overview as this one. It's just too much stuff to hold in one's head all at once (even despite the practice I get as a programmer)... but it's all important to me. No wonder I've had so much trouble deciding what to do and getting more than a few things done really well. Looking forward to making more maps with different purposes and levels of detail, once I decide what to work on, which I think might be much easier to do now. ---- End of quote. <br>* Apollia-Food-Goals.vue - Original release's timestamp: Sun Dec 03 11:06:20 EST 2017. I made this to try to figure out how to deal with my struggles with [fatigue]( and getting enough to eat. JPG image of the original version: []( <br>Originally released in this blog post: []( <br>Quoted from that blog post, with omissions indicated by "[...]": ---- **Dec. 3, 2017, 12:05 PM EST**. [...] Anyway, here's my food goals VUE map, with a pretty messy and informal design. I started out by trying to make an "Intermediate Objectives" map, like in the book [The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving](, but ended up breaking the rules again. [...] Didn't expect to spend so much time on it, and it got more complicated than I expected, but, hopefully it will serve to remind me of things I might otherwise easily forget about, despite their obviousness. Would be nice if I could automate the layout somehow, since there are things that probably should be shown as connected to each other, but aren't, just because I didn't feel like rearranging the entire darn map just for that. ---- End of quote.