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# AstroTally - JavaScript Version by Apollia - []( <br>Old home page: []( Official Git repo: []( <br>Originally released Feb. 19, 2004! Version 1.8, released April 14, 2005, is the last version with an official version number. All versions up to and including Version 1.8 are in the public domain. <br>All versions after Version 1.8 are under the GNU Affero General Public License: []( <br> ---- <br>08:43:46 08/15/2019. AstroTally is very primitive astrology software which can output tables of maybe interesting (or quite boring) data. In old versions of AstroTally, inputting data for AstroTally to work with is a nuisance, and none of the old versions up to and including v1.8 even use Unicode. <br>Fortunately, it's still possible to download the fonts v1.8 can use: * AstroFont.ttf - []( * StarFont Sans (STRFNSAN.TTF) - []( <br>However, as of 09:32:21 08/15/2019, I was only able to get AstroFont.ttf to work right. So, I slightly modified v1.8 to use AstroFont by default rather than StarFont.