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# Astroblahhh Font Sample Generator ## JavaScript Version by Apollia - []( ---- To try this app in your web browser without having to download anything, go here: []( ---- <br>Quoted (with some edits) from this old blog post from Dec. 25th, 2013 at 19:37:19 GMT: []( <br>I wrote a font sample generator in JavaScript to make it easier to view and choose between fonts and different font sizes and styles, and I ended up making it a lot fancier than it really had to be. It's also a useful random color generator. <br>The font sample generator is under the [GNU Affero General Public License]( - except for any parts not by me. I copied and pasted (and often modified) some functions and other snippets I found on the web, and I think I usually noted them with comments in the source code. <br>I began writing it around maybe Dec. 5th, 2013. The basic idea was really easy to make - the most time-consuming part was all the polishing. I went a bit overboard with that, to the point where that unintentionally became my top project of Dec. 2013. I didn't mean it to take more than a day or two, but, I just kept adding and adding to it. Happily, pieces of this font sample generator will definitely be useful in other projects, including even [Astroblahhh Desktop]( And writing it made me a lot more familiar and comfortable with JavaScript, which will surely be useful to me in the future. ---- 01:47:33 02/24/2019. This little app actually still might be my best work so far in the JavaScript language. The reason I returned to it today was because I figured the source code comments would help remind me of some details about JavaScript that I forgot, but which might be useful for some web browser add-ons I've been working on lately. <br>This app's example text is all made up of pangrams (holoalphabetic sentences) - sentences which use every letter of the alphabet at least once. [](