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# Autocustomize Savefile Name ## Add-On for XUL-Capable Web Browsers Modified by Apollia - []( Based on "File Title 1.4.1-signed.1-signed" (or File Title 1.4) by Pavel Cvrcek ([](, which was based on File Title 0.1 by Torisugari ([]( Thanks to them for creating such a useful add-on! []( ---- Thanks to everyone who helped make the wonderful Classic Add-ons Archive available! []( []( Being able to download the original, unmodified "File Title 1.4.1-signed.1-signed" from the archive made it possible for me to add that version to this repo. ---- Original add-on description from August 30, 2010: "With this extension you can save HTML pages like in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Default filename is generated according to HTML tag TITLE." ---- 12:17:35 02/21/2019. Most of the below text was written on or well before Sept. 12, 2014! <br>Here are the unwieldly names I (Apollia) used to use for my modified versions of this add-on: * Use Page Title As File Name + Change Unusual Chars To Dashes<br> 1.4 ApMod 1.0 - March 20, 2011 * Use Page Title as Saved File Name, Change Unusual Chars to Dashes, and Add Current Date and Time<br> v1.4 ApMod v3.0 - September 12, 2014 <br>Like the original File Title 1.4, these add-ons make it so when you save a page, the page's title is used as the file name (if possible), similar to the way things worked (and maybe still work) in the Internet Explorer web browser, or the ancient but once great Opera web browser. My versions change any file name characters other than A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and - , _ . ( ) to dashes. These add-ons will be troublesome for anyone who actually wants other characters than those to be in the file names they save. But if you mostly save things with English titles, it might be useful to you. <br>The newer version adds the current date/time to the end of the file name in this format: 2014_09_12 16,40,46 PM <br>Though the original File Title 1.4 is quite nice and almost exactly what I need, I made these modified versions because: * In GNU/Linux, the original File Title 1.4 lets me save files with names containing characters that Windows XP (and probably other versions of Windows) can't deal with: \ : * ? " < > | In Windows XP, it's impossible to do anything with files that contain those characters in their file name. * In GNU/Linux, I noticed the original File Title 1.4 sometimes creates file names with odd characters like •. Then, when I try to save the file, I get an "Invalid file name" error and can't save until I edit out the character(s) GNU/Linux dislikes. * Special characters in file names can annoyingly trip up [Astroblahhh Desktop](, so the fewer files like that I save, the better. <br>Reasons why I made the newer version: * Having the current date/time in the file name conveniently and effortlessly guarantees a unique filename. * Since many computers I've used have had issues with their file timestamps being wrong for one reason or another (like [Windows XP's annoying daylight savings time issues](, having the date/time in the file name eliminates ambiguity about whether the file's timestamp is actually correct or not. * In Windows XP, I often used to use [ShortKeys Lite]( (which is sadly [non-libre software]( to insert the date/time in the filename when saving files. Eventually I switched to a libre alternative to ShortKeys Lite - a simple [AutoHotkey]([*]( script I wrote. But, when I switched to GNU/Linux, I couldn't use either of those for that anymore. (Even though some AutoHotkey scripts work OK when compiled into .exe files and run with [Wine]([*]( in GNU/Linux.) * When I installed Firefox 32, I found my never-released, glitchy version 1.4 ApMod v2.0 add-on refused to install. So, I had to update the add-on to make it possible to install again. Happily, version 1.4 ApMod v3.0 works in not only Firefox 32, but also Firefox 3.6.13, and probably other versions I haven't tried. <br>Making the add-on installable in Firefox 32 was a simple matter of changing the file install.rdf to have a different maxVersion for Firefox. It would have worked even if I didn't fix the ancient AM/PM time-related glitch I had tolerated in version 1.4 ApMod v2.0 since September 2012. (The earlier version - v1.4 ApMod v1.0 - wasn't affected by this glitch, since it doesn't add dates/times to file names.) But, I also finally fixed that glitch, and cleaned up the code a bit to make it better-indented, more readable and understandable. <br>Because the original File Title 1.4 add-on is under the [Mozilla Public License Version 1.1](, these modified add-ons are under the same license. Like the original add-on, my modified versions are also free, libre, and open source. If you want to look at the source code, just change the file name extension from "xpi" to "zip", and then you can extract the files within using any program that can unzip files. <br>Both of my modified add-ons each have their own GUID, so that when installed, they won't overwrite each other, nor the original File Title 1.4, if you already have it. But, since the original and modified add-ons can interfere with each other, you'll have to manually disable the ones you don't want to use by going to the Tools menu, selecting Add-ons, clicking the Extensions tab, highlighting the add-on you want to disable, and clicking the Disable button. <br>Here are the GUIDs of each add-on, so you can more easily identify them if you ever go digging around in your extensions folder: Version 1.4 ApMod 3.0: ae945a95-0377-4294-8fb5-cee8a81e6ca5 GUID generated by: []( <br>Version 1.4 ApMod 1.0: 3240009f-813a-4f7d-9642-f9d38dab5415 GUID generated by this now-gone web page: []( <br>The original File Title 1.4: 861c8868-e3dc-4dcb-ba2e-866901fc2be8