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# Eryss Astrology Software For PHP by Apollia - []( Website: []( Official Git repo: []( <br>First released April 29, 2013 at: []( <br>Runnable using (preferably) APSK GLMP-GTK - a still-unreleased software collection containing PHP, among many other programs. You can read more about APSK GLMP-GTK in the APSK GLMP-GTK vuemap in this other repo: []( The APSK GLMP-GTK vuemap contains detailed info on how to compile all the software in the APSK GLMP-GTK software collection. So, even though APSK GLMP-GTK itself isn't downloadable yet, that vuemap might help you figure out how to build your own copy of APSK GLMP-GTK in [Lighthouse 64 Puppy Linux 6.02 Beta 2](, or perhaps even other [Puppy Linuxes](, or other [GNU/Linuxes]( <br>Eryss is also probably still runnable using Astroblahhh GLMP-GTK or Astroblahhh PH-GTK: []( []( ---- 23:19:19 08/03/2019. There's also a still-unreleased [AutoHotkey]( (AHK) version of Eryss which I worked on in October and November 2011. I definitely still want to release that, even though it's unlikely I'll ever complete it, now that I primarily use GNU/Linux rather than Windows. But many years ago, I found the AHK version of Eryss is largely functional in GNU/Linux if you compile it into an .exe file and run that .exe file using [Wine]( And the AHK version of Eryss works even better in a Windows [VirtualBox]( ---- In Feb. 2014, I obtained permission from one of the authors of the [Swiss Ephemeris]( to release Eryss under the GNU Affero General Public License: [](