October 5, 2019
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Updated my fav prefs.

Apollia authored on 10/05/2019 19:59:30
View 3e55cc2

Changed the comment style in the ParParse library (not by me) to make the file display better in my GNU Emacs multifiles.

Apollia authored on 10/05/2019 08:07:03
August 10, 2019
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To the ParParse library (not by me), added my slight modifications from April 24, 2015.

Apollia authored on 08/10/2019 11:49:46
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Added the ParParse library, which I found at: https://github.com/kuujo/ParParse

Apollia authored on 08/10/2019 11:42:42
August 9, 2019
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In the Bash scripts which launch Eryss after getting input from the user via a dialog box - changed the Xdialog height and width args to 0 0, to cause Xdialog to set the height and width automatically.

Apollia authored on 08/09/2019 11:35:04
August 5, 2019
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In Bash scripts, updated obsolete boilerplate comments.

Apollia authored on 08/05/2019 10:24:48
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In all PHP scripts, made it so all comments are now preceded by # instead of // or /* - so now, when I'm editing Eryss in a multifile in GNU Emacs, syntax coloring will work right.

Apollia authored on 08/05/2019 09:50:44
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Slightly updated Readme and a few comments in Eryss.phpb, and simplified some landmark scripts.

Apollia authored on 08/05/2019 08:25:47
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In all "prefs" files, changed "Eryss 0.1.phpb" to "Eryss.phpb".

Apollia authored on 08/05/2019 07:50:03
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Made it possible to run Eryss via the console with the "eryss" or "erys" command, just by adding the file ".Installers/Used by APSK Apphoards/Roster Bin Symlinks to Make", adding the shebang line "#!/usr/bin/env php" to the top of "Eryss.phpb", and adding Exec perms to "Eryss.phpb".

Apollia authored on 08/05/2019 07:38:20
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Renamed "Eryss 0.1.phpb" to "Eryss.phpb".

Apollia authored on 08/05/2019 07:27:35
August 4, 2019
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In "includes/Library-of-Functions.php", corrected the path to the CSS file.

Apollia authored on 08/04/2019 05:06:01
View eb09b90

Added a new Developer Tools folder, with scripts related to modifying /usr/local/bin/defaultbrowser.

Apollia authored on 08/04/2019 04:54:08
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Updated Readme.

Apollia authored on 08/04/2019 03:43:57
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Changed all the old GNU General Public License 3.0 notices to GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 notices instead.

Apollia authored on 08/04/2019 03:35:14