August 28, 2021

In the Timer menu, made it so "Pomodoro" and "Described pomodoro" display a bright yellow xmessage dialog box when the timer runs out.

Apollia authored on08/28/2021 02:25:42
July 23, 2021

To Example Umenu Set 1's Navigation Menu ("mz.mnu"), added the commands "Go to maphoard Scraps" and "Go to maphoard Good Scraps", which depend on commands from the app "VUE-Related Bash Scripts":

Apollia authored on07/23/2021 13:29:58

In Example Umenu Set 1, replaced obsolete "/root/00-Workspaces" paths with either up-to-date new paths, or platzes. Changed all plain "rox" commands with no args to "rox --dir ." instead. Also replaced the obsolete path in "Go to workspace copy".

Apollia authored on07/23/2021 12:15:41
December 20, 2020

To the Timer Menu, added "Countdown alarm timer", launched by pressing L. It uses Simple-Countup-or-Countdown-Timer to create a timer named "Countdown to [whatever you said this was a countdown to]", ending at whatever time you specified. When the countdown ends, a yellow xmessage box announces that.

Apollia authored on12/20/2020 20:04:04
December 6, 2020

In .mnu files, removed quotes around folderpaths in user-specified working dir lines (lines beginning with "D ") to make this repo compatible with UMENU commit 9378cd20a2b4a113a72bfae2752c1a2662f7a558 -

Apollia authored on12/06/2020 08:41:03

This is the last version of this repo which will work properly with versions of UMENU prior to UMENU commit 9378cd20a2b4a113a72bfae2752c1a2662f7a558 -

Apollia authored on12/06/2020 06:13:51
September 22, 2020

4 new submenus: "Info", "Launcher", "Timer", and "More Timers". Moved some commands from the main menu into the "Info" submenu.

Apollia authored on09/22/2020 10:19:48
September 16, 2020

To Example Umenu Set 1, added more navigation commands, and a new submenu: "Navigation - cd (change dir)"

Apollia authored on09/16/2020 07:32:07

Made it so when you use the launchers which let you choose any menu of Example Umenu Set 1, you no longer have to prepend "m" (the main menu's letter) to your input, since now, that gets done automatically.

Apollia authored on09/16/2020 07:12:19

Added another Termwin-free launcher script which shouldn't be run with Rox-Filer. It's like the other one, except it accepts 1 arg, so you can open any menu from Example Umenu Set 1.

Apollia authored on09/16/2020 06:25:56
September 15, 2020

Updated the Readme with a link to the UMENU repo and details on how to make UMENU easily launchable by the Rox-Filer file manager.

Apollia authored on09/15/2020 11:24:42

Added a lot to Example Umenu Set 1. Many new commands, and 6 new submenus: "Apphoard App", "Git", "Mercurial (.hg)", "Navigation", "Navigation - Apbin", and "Navigation - Workspaces". Added "template.mnu", which is automatically used for new menus.

Apollia authored on09/15/2020 10:56:47

Now, the launcher scripts don't change the current working directory. Made some code more readable by using backslashes to put different parts of the same line on multiple lines. Changed the Termwin switch --escape to --encape.

Apollia authored on09/15/2020 07:02:05
September 14, 2020

Added "Go to apbin copy", "Go to workspace copy", and "Update apbin copy".

Apollia authored on09/14/2020 06:54:27
September 13, 2020

Renamed LICENSE to LICENSE-AGPL3, and added a .gitignore.

Apollia authored on09/13/2020 05:14:10