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# Example Menus and Launchers for Perl Version of UMENU To use this repo, you need UMENU: []( <p><br>07:04:10 09/15/2020. I like to configure the Rox-Filer file manager to run UMENU when you run Rox-Filer's "Terminal Here" command. Right-click in any Rox-Filer window and choose "Options" from the menu that appears. In the Options window's left sidebar, click "Menus". In the "Terminal emulator program" text field, you can put whatever shell command line you want. <p><br>Here's an example command line which launches Example Umenu Set 1: UMENU_CONFIG="/root/apbin/Example Menus and Launchers for Perl Version of UMENU/Default-Version/Example Umenu Set 1/umenu.cnf" termwin --cd-to "$(pwd)" --height 30 --title "Example Umenu Set 1" --dontwaitfornewline --execute-with-substitutions "perl /root/apbin/UMENU/Default-Version/program/ --banneroff m" After you add that (or whatever other command line you want) to your Rox-Filer Options, click the OK button to save your changes. <p><br>Now, whenever any Rox-Filer window is in the foreground, you can run the above command line by running Rox-Filer's "Terminal Here" command, either by pressing its keyboard shortcut: ` (by default, but it can be changed) ...or by choosing "Terminal Here" from the Window menu in Rox-Filer's right-click menu.