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# Example Web Browser Add-On for XUL-Capable Web Browsers 09:03:45 07/10/2018. Apollia's note: I got this from: []( It was very helpful to me when I set out to build a web browser add-on. <br>However, Firefox has been going downhill for years now, and as of the release of Firefox 57 (also known as "Firefox Quantum"), Firefox isn't XUL-capable anymore, and can't use add-ons like this. But fortunately, other web browsers, such as Pale Moon, can! []( <br>End of text by Apollia. <br> example-fx ========== An example Firefox extension for anyone to fork. Originally forked from Robert Nyman's [How to develop a Firefox extension]( To point to this 'example' extension, create a file named *example@example* (same as `em:id`).