July 7, 2018
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In Readme, added a link to the new Manager Scripts repo.

Apollia authored on 07/07/2018 12:04:35
June 28, 2018
View a33f344

In Readme, described my modified version of VUE a bit better.

Apollia authored on 06/28/2018 05:38:15
View 73174a0

In the Readme, added a link to my blog post which links to already-compiled copy of my modified version of VUE: Visual Understanding Environment.

Apollia authored on 06/28/2018 05:31:05
June 26, 2018
View 2cb4a3a

Added a link to a new optional add-on which makes it possible for the most recently modified repos to be shown at the top of GitList's list.

Apollia authored on 06/26/2018 23:32:09
June 24, 2018
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Made the "On Server - Assemble GitList - separate copy which will be on web" script check out a particular GitList commit, so setup will hopefully still work the same even after I update my modified version of GitList.

Apollia authored on 06/24/2018 18:38:19
View f1f13ae

Changed wording in Readme.

Apollia authored on 06/24/2018 09:49:51
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Added to/edited Readme.

Apollia authored on 06/24/2018 09:45:56
View dbb1db8

Added some more web links and text.

Apollia authored on 06/24/2018 00:22:15
June 23, 2018
View ac1be1b

Changed wording in Readme.

Apollia authored on 06/23/2018 23:59:31
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Corrected a URL.

Apollia authored on 06/23/2018 23:53:42
View 0eea99d

Trying again.

Apollia authored on 06/23/2018 23:52:14
View 24e5c9e

Trying to fix a URL that still wasn't being hyperlinked by GitList.

Apollia authored on 06/23/2018 23:49:48
View c46b457

Linked to the repo with the documentation in image files instead of vuemap files.

Apollia authored on 06/23/2018 23:46:36
View 2bb651a

Reworded Readme and changed apollia.org to apollia.com.

Apollia authored on 06/23/2018 23:30:06
View d29bf71

Deleted empty config files, since the scripts won't work right if those are there.

Apollia authored on 06/23/2018 10:55:24