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# Is-This-Pet-Installed by Apollia - A console-only script for Puppy Linux. Original version completed and released June 24, 2017. Last modified: Feb. 9, 2018. No code changed. Renamed the repo from "is-this-pet-installed" to "Is-This-Pet-Installed", and updated the Readme a bit. ----- Usage ----- is-this-pet-installed [.pet filename or filepath] Accepts just 1 argument - the name or path of a .pet file. This script uses a combination of awk and grep to search this list of installed .pet files: /root/.packages/user-installed-packages <br> Exit code 0 = Found the pet name given in Arg 1. Exit code 1 = Searched the list, but the pet name wasn't there. Exit code 2 = Arg 1 didn't end in ".pet" (case insensitive). Exit code 3 = Arg 1 was empty.