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# Navigation-Command-Prompt Flawed but still useful. Uses Perl and Bash, but the earlier (and slightly faster) versions without colorized text use just Perl. <br>Typing an abbreviation followed by Enter will immediately open the folder (or folders) associated with that abbreviation in your preferred file manager. Can also go to folders pointed out by platzes, a concept you can read about on this page: []( To use platz shortcuts, you'll need Platz Trailblazer: []( <br>08:59:15 08/20/2020. 06:28:32 06/28/2021. The Rox-Filer file manager will behave differently depending on whether you end the folderpaths or platzes you list in "Navig Shortcuts" with a slash or not. With a slash: Rox always creates a new window to view that folder. Without a slash: Rox will never create more than one window to view that folder. If the folder is already open in Rox, Rox will raise its window to the foreground.