October 4, 2021

Added some comments to note the surprisingly old modification timestamps of the scripts "platz", "noteplatz", and "apsk-equate-platzes". A good reminder that even very simple, basic programs that have been unchanged for literally years can still be incredibly useful. (Except I don't think I ever used apsk-equate-platzes at all yet.) Also made minor cosmetic changes to the source code - added infodecor and navdecor comments, and changed some indentation.

Apollia authored on10/04/2021 08:25:11
May 25, 2018

Added some line breaks to the error message about "no path assigned to this platz".

Apollia authored on05/25/2018 05:48:27

Now "platz" and "noteplatz" accept two switches: --namespace and --basename.

Apollia authored on05/25/2018 01:33:58

Removed some clutter from "platz".

Apollia authored on05/25/2018 00:03:33
May 24, 2018

Renamed apsk-get-platz-path to "platz", and renamed apsk-note-platz-path to "noteplatz", since those are the names I usually use for them.

Apollia authored on05/24/2018 23:56:43