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# Position-Saving Bookmarker ## Add-On for XUL-Capable Web Browsers by Apollia - []( ---- 12:46:30 02/11/2019. I started building this in Oct./Nov. 2016, but somehow never got around to releasing it until now. It's not 100% done yet, but is actually useable, at least if you have a XUL-capable web browser such as [](, or old versions of Firefox prior to Firefox 57. However, I haven't yet tried it in versions of Pale Moon beyond 27.4.1, or versions of Firefox beyond 45.0.2. ---- <br>Thanks to the original creators of a very helpful example web browser add-on repo, which made it much easier for me to get started building my own add-on. []( ---- Thanks to Oxygen Team - []( - for this add-on's icon, which I found here: []( []( says it's under the [GNU Lesser General Public License]( And this page - []( - says the license's version is LGPL3. <br>I slightly modified the icon in the following ways, using GIMP 2.8.4 (GNU Image Manipulation Program): * I went to the Colors menu, chose Hue-Saturation, and set Hue to 47, Lightness to -26, and Saturation to 100. * I cropped some of the icon's empty background space, thereby shrinking the icon from 128x128 to 110x110. * I created 32x32 and 16x16 versions of the icon by going to the Image menu and choosing Scale Image. However, I made the current icon while using [Redshift]( to tint my screen. With Redshift, it's a nice deep purple, but without Redshift, it looks excessively blue. So, hopefully someday I'll get around to making a less blue version which looks nice even without Redshift.