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# Puppy-Linux-Setup-Kit--Legacy-3.0 by Apollia - []( 20:34:03 07/26/2019. Yet another old attempt to renovate APSK (Apollia's Puppy Linux Setup Kit). It looks like I mostly worked on this in May/June 2017, but similar to [Legacy APSK 2.0](, I never actually used most of it (except the stuff in the APSK14 folder), and never finished it. I definitely don't plan on finishing it, since it's a mess, and my more recent efforts tend to be much better. But I thought I ought to look back at this, just in case there are any good ideas or useful code I forgot about which might be useful for [APSK Runner](, [APSK Initializer Stage 1](, [APSK Initializer Stage 2](, etc. <br>15:02:37 07/28/2019. I think I might edit it, just so I can understand it better and finally try some of it out again. The old version from before any extensive newer edits is tagged "v6-28-2017" - even though one APSK14 file was timestamped 2018-02-27 14:22:16. <br>18:09:55 07/27/2019. This repo is mostly under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0: []( <br>This repo contains an icon by Saki, which I probably found at []( []( That icon is under the GNU General Public License: []( Thanks to [Saki]( and [](!