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# Apollia's Puppy Linux Setup Kit - Legacy Versions by Apollia - []( <br>The old official legacy versions - 1.0, 1.1, and beyond. But not including 2.0 and 3.0, which weren't official releases and were never completed: []( []( It would be far better to use a new, renovated version instead, but that's not done yet. But when it is, it will be in numerous separate new repos. -------- Tagged past releases, viewable in GitList by clicking the "browsing: master" button at the upper left of the page, then clicking one of the links listed below "TAGS". * Version 2018-02-26 - Formerly unreleased stuff made after Feb. 10, 2015, and finally released Feb. 25-26, 2018. * Version 1.1 - Originally released Feb. 10, 2015 * Version 1.0 - Originally released Sept. 30, 2014 -------- 01:21:44 05/17/2018. All the past releases are (and will remain) still available in this repo's history, and the most important updates are tagged so you can easily go back to them. But, since I decided to temporarily keep using parts of the legacy APSK at the same time as my renovated APSK, I decided to make some changes here. I'm probably going to gradually prune away things in this repo that now (or probably soon will) have renovated replacements. Or which probably ought to be moved into their own separate repo(s), such as [the legacy ApolliaLib Perl modules]( Also, I think I'm probably going to modify a few things. For example, instead of having to have these scripts on a physical disk, I want to be able to run them from a location in the Puppy Linux RAM disk. And, to make it possible for me to more easily relocate the numerous files the legacy APSK tries to install, I want to make the legacy APSK scripts use Platz Trailblazer to find them. []( -------- Feb. 26, 2018: I finally released most of my formerly unreleased old-style setup kit scripts from after Feb. 10, 2015. But, this repo still isn't very useful, because the software downloaders still mostly don't work anymore. And I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to try to repair them in the near future. What a poorly-designed, overcomplicated mess! In retrospect, I think my dread and years of procrastination about resuming work on this repo were definitely appropriate reactions, and far better than diligently continuing to struggle with it before I had improved sufficiently as a programmer to think up some far better ways to do everything. So, hooray for procrastination and dread! :-) Sometimes, they make a heck of a lot more sense than trying to force yourself to be enthusiastic or at least self-disciplined enough to continue working on something you don't feel truly inspired to work on. ---- Notes from June 29, 2017: I will probably be updating this old repo with new, not-yet-released old-style setup kit scripts, since I'm stuck using this until I can manage to finish a drastically different new renovated version. Alas, not all of the software downloaders will work anymore, because I neglected to log into my Dropbox account for so long that it got deleted a long time ago (July 2016) without me even realizing it until June 2017! I built this with a dismaying combination of naivety and haste. It works remarkably well nonetheless (except, currently, for the software downloader scripts), and I still use it almost every time I reboot one of my computers. But, it depends too much on all the files it tries to install or run being at their expected paths in a ridiculous labyrinth of folders. So, trying to rearrange things is a terrible nuisance. <br>I've been trying for quite a while (off and on) to make a much better-designed renovated version of my setup kit. Alas, that has been taking much longer than I hoped. But, I've learned plenty since 2014, so, hopefully the renovated versions will turn out far better.