May 4, 2020

Added my slightly modified version of the ParParse library. Same as the version currently in the Eryss astrology software. I found the original version of ParParse here years ago:

Apollia authored on05/04/2020 07:46:25

QuakeML-related stuff I had made and/or added to one of my copies of this repo back in early Dec. 2018, but somehow didn't upload to this Git repo until now.

Apollia authored on05/04/2020 07:17:44

To make it easier to run Salty via the command line, added a "Roster Bin Symlinks to Make" file for APSK Apphoard Manager, and added exec perms to "salty-xml-transformer.php".

Apollia authored on05/04/2020 06:35:50

Back in Oct. 2019, I added 2 commented-out lines to "Demos/Example of Running Salty from the Command Line". I don't remember why I added them, but the 2nd one causes errors if it's uncommented.

Apollia authored on05/04/2020 06:29:57
April 14, 2020

Added a comment about one of the lines I added to "unrelocvuecomments".

Apollia authored on04/14/2020 10:35:55

Deleted the repeated lines which the Git merge somehow automatically added.

Apollia authored on04/14/2020 10:22:21

Merge branch 'master' of

Apollia authored on04/14/2020 10:18:06

Merge branch 'master' of Got confused by my multiple copies of this repo, so accidentally fixed the same problem again.

Apollia authored on04/14/2020 10:16:57

Fixed "unrelocvuecomments" to get rid of the occasional Unicode-related Perl errors which inserted the text "Wide character in print at [fiolpath] in line [line number]." at random locations in the output vuemap, which sometimes (but surprisingly, not always) made the output vuemap impossible for VUE to open.

Apollia authored on04/14/2020 10:14:21
December 18, 2019

Added a line to the Perl script "unrelocvuecomments", to stop a Unicode-related Perl error from sometimes being printed to my new vuemaps.

Apollia authored on12/18/2019 14:32:48
April 20, 2019

Simple scripts to make it easier to go to the apbin copy or the workspace copy, and to update the apbin copy.

Apollia authored on04/20/2019 01:05:54

Added an .Installers folder, so this app can easily be installed by APSK Apphoard Manager.

Apollia authored on04/20/2019 01:02:37
December 2, 2018

In sheet "Text-List-of-All-Element-Paths.xsl", corrected mistaken Stack Overflow URL.

Apollia authored on12/02/2018 13:21:21

Added new demo: "Dragdrop XML to Run Element Catch-All"

Apollia authored on12/02/2018 13:18:44

Added a new demo: "Dragdrop XML to Make Text List of All Element Paths".

Apollia authored on12/02/2018 02:40:33