March 26, 2020
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Updated the diffizers to exclude .git and .hg folders by default.

Apollia authored on 03/26/2020 19:20:43
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Since I wanted to make the diffizers exclude .git and .hg folders by default, but didn't want to totally lose the ability to include .git and .hg folders, I made renamed copies of the original diffizers.

Apollia authored on 03/26/2020 19:18:37
November 28, 2018
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With the Setup and Unsetup scripts, I'm worried that putting "{}" in the find command along with the -exec option might somehow result in a code injection vulnerability, so I added a note that I should replace that code someday with something safer.

Apollia authored on 11/28/2018 22:48:09
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In Setup, combined the 4 find commands into 1.

Apollia authored on 11/28/2018 22:38:53
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In Setup and Unsetup scripts, moved the text "{}/" into quotes.

Apollia authored on 11/28/2018 22:32:09
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Renamed 2 Rosterbin symlinks.

Apollia authored on 11/28/2018 22:19:43
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Added Setup and Unsetup scripts to the .Installers folder, which automatically create or delete the Rox-Filer right-click menu symlinks.

Apollia authored on 11/28/2018 22:17:33
July 18, 2018
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Added my name and website to Readme.

Apollia authored on 07/18/2018 22:13:03
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Added hyperlink to Readme.

Apollia authored on 07/18/2018 22:10:17
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Updated Readme.

Apollia authored on 07/18/2018 22:09:12
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Much simpler replacements for some overly elaborate legacy APSK Perl scripts which made it easy to do diff comparisons of almost any pair of fiols just by using the right-click menu of the Rox-Filer file manager.

Apollia authored on 07/18/2018 21:58:47
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New repo template stuff.

Apollia authored on 07/18/2018 21:43:46