# A simple Schematron demo for PHP 5.6.28 and Saxon/C 1.0.2 I got this to work in Lighthouse 64 Puppy Linux 6.02 Beta 2. http://lhpup.org/ Haven't yet tried it in any other GNU/Linux. ---- Packaged together but mostly not authored by Apollia, except for the PHP script and this Readme. Both are under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0. https://www.gnu.org/licenses http://apollia.com/ The "dog-properties.sch" Schematron schema is my slightly modified, simpler version of the "test-properties.sch" file included in the official Schematron repo. https://github.com/Schematron/schematron https://github.com/Schematron/schematron/tree/master/trunk/schematron/test/properties ---- The Schematron files in the "code" folder are unmodified and came from the official Schematron repo (downloaded Feb. 3, 2017, at 6:35:22 AM EST): https://github.com/Schematron/schematron https://github.com/Schematron/schematron/tree/master/trunk/schematron/code ---- Here's a helpful introduction to the XML-validation language Schematron: http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2003/11/12/schematron.html To use Schematron, all you need is an XSLT processor, such as Saxon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XSLT ---- Saxon/C home page: http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-c/index.xml Documentation of Saxon/C PHP API: http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-c/doc/html/index.html#php-api ---- Here's my blog post on making Saxon/C into a PHP extension: http://astroblahhh.com/blog/puppy-linux/how-to-make-saxon-c-into-a-php-extension-for-php-5-6-13-in-lucid-puppy-linux-5-2-360.shtml#blogtoc ---- Some Rox-Filer run action scripts I made to make it easier to run PHP scripts without a web server: https://github.com/Apollia/Without-web-server-run-PHP-script-and-view-output-in-web-browser