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# Termwin by Apollia - Last modified May 13, 2018. Works in Lighthouse 64 Puppy Linux 6.02 Beta 2. And hopefully other Puppy Linuxes that I haven't yet tried it with. ---- WARNING: The script uses "eval" in various places, and can be used to run any shell command, which could be quite dangerous. ---- The purpose of Termwin is to make it so in Puppy Linux, I can run console scripts with Rox-Filer - either by double-clicking on them, or via a console command such as rox [filepath of script] - and have a terminal window automatically opened, showing that script's output in whatever terminal software I want. I had to add a run action to Rox-Filer (the usual default file manager in Puppy Linux) to make this happen. (One of the included Installer scripts will do that for you automatically.) Also, since Rox-Filer run actions don't get run on files which have Exec permissions, I have to remove Exec permissions on any script I want to launch with Termwin. <br> Years ago, before I became good enough at shell scripting to figure out how to make Termwin, the only way for me to achieve something like the above behavior was to have terminal-window-opening code included with every script I wanted to immediately see the output of. <br>Finally, thanks to Termwin, my scripts can be unburdened from that annoying extra baggage. I'm probably going to use Termwin in my not-yet-finished renovated Puppy Linux Setup Kit. <br> Termwin's installer requires Ramize-Physave. ---- Changelog: May 13, 2018. A new command line switch: -c, --change-working-dir-to, --cd-to, --change-dir-to [folderpath] ...which will make Termwin go to that folder before running the commands you provided in the args --execute or --execute-with-substitutions. It was aleady possible to change the working dir just by preceding your command(s) inside the arg --execute(-with-substitutions) with cd [folderpath]; But --change-working-dir-to [folderpath] makes things tidier and more readable, I think. <br> And there are 2 new synonyms for --dontwaitfornewline: --do-not-wait-for-newline --dont-wait-for-newline <br>May 4, 2018. Made it possible to install Termwin using APSK Apphoard Manager. Also improved the original installer scripts, but still have yet to test them thoroughly. Perhaps I ought to make the original installer independent of Ramize-Physave as well as APSK Apphoard Manager, so Termwin could be installed without installing anything else first. <br>Feb. 9, 2018. Renamed termwin to Termwin. But, for ease of typing, the "termwin" script name (and command) will remain all lowercase. <br>Feb. 7, 2018. Now Termwin can use Roxterm. Changed an installer script, since I renamed something in Ramize-Physave. Documented a command line option I forgot to document before: --dontwaitfornewline or -d, which makes it so the terminal window just closes instead of waiting for you to press Enter after the command is done.