January 27, 2021

Moved "Apollia_Files/java.policy" to the folder "Apollia_Files/Java Policies/2017-2" and set that as the default version.

Apollia authored on01/27/2021 02:04:43

Moved all the VUE launcher scripts into "Apollia_Files/VUE Launchers".

Apollia authored on01/27/2021 01:40:36

In "Apollia_Files/Java Policies/Choose Default Version/AppRun", mostly just renamed various vars. Changed $App_Name to $Thing_to_Choose (which is now "Java policy used by Apollia's VUE launchers" rather than an app name), and changed any instance of anything like "app version" to just "version".

Apollia authored on01/27/2021 01:36:17

To the new folder "Apollia_Files/Java Policies", added the "Choose Default Version" app from an old version of APSK Runner. Didn't change it yet, just so when I do change it, GitList will better display the differences.

Apollia authored on01/27/2021 01:11:46
January 24, 2021

Changed all 4 VUE launcher scripts in "Apollia_Files" from sh scripts to bash scripts, and fixed a comment typo.

Apollia authored on01/24/2021 07:27:40

Now, all 3 "Apollia_Files/Image Transformers" scripts abort before doing anything if $Follpath____Images doesn't lead to a folder. Changed all 3 from sh scripts to bash scripts.

Apollia authored on01/24/2021 07:18:39

Renamed the 3 scripts in "Apollia_Files/Image Transformers".

Apollia authored on01/24/2021 07:08:15
December 7, 2020

Updated the Readme to make all the hyperlinks clickable in GitList.

Apollia authored on12/07/2020 07:06:11
August 4, 2018

In Readme, pointed out where you can download an already-compiled copy of my modified version of VUE.

Apollia authored on08/04/2018 14:05:28
June 28, 2018

Changed wording in Readme.

Apollia authored on06/28/2018 02:18:30

Added hyperlink to Readme.

Apollia authored on06/28/2018 01:57:47

The original VUE repo was too large for me to be comfortable uploading it to my own website, so I made a new repo which omits the many mysterious .jar files that were in the original repo.

Apollia authored on06/28/2018 01:47:53