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# Vuebubble Fashion Generators - JavaScript Version by Apollia - []( 06:49:23 08/15/2019. Originally released Dec. 29, 2013 under longer, harder to remember names: []( <br>Happily, even all these years later, these scripts still work, even though I'm now using a much newer web browser - [Pale Moon]( 27.4.1. And the vuemaps generated by these scripts can easily be opened by my modified version of VUE: []( <br>You can still use the original versions of these scripts on the web by going here: * []( * []( <br> ---- <br>These scripts require the JavaScript library Raphaël (not by me, but already included in this repo): []( <br>Raphaël is under the MIT License: []( Thanks to the author of Raphaël! Raphaël made it much easier for me to make these scripts. <br>Other than Raphaël, this repo is under the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0: [](