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#Web Developer Add-On for XUL-Capable Web Browsers Home page of this unofficial version, modified by Apollia: []( Home page of the official version: []( ----- 02:43:21 03/16/2021. Text by Apollia: This is a great, very useful add-on I've been using for many years. Once I figure out how, I'd like to add some keyboard shortcuts for the 2 commands I use most frequently - "View Generated Source" and "View Image Information". My modified version is only for XUL-capable web browsers such as [Pale Moon](, or Firefox versions prior to the ruinous Firefox 57. (Firefox 57 made Firefox XUL-incapable, and thereby removed Firefox's ability to use tons of great old add-ons.) <br>If you need a version of this add-on which will work in web browsers I avoid, such as Firefox 57 or later, Chrome, or Opera, you should probably use the newest official version of this add-on. Home page of the official version: []( <br>Also, my modified version will probably never make use of the [Gulp build system]( As of 3/26/2021, I have no convenient way to use Gulp, because I wasn't able to find a sufficiently easy way to install [Node.js]( in [Lighthouse 64 Puppy Linux 6.02 Beta 2]( So, hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to remove all the dependencies on Gulp. <br>On 3/16/2021 around 1 AM EDT, I cloned the official version's repo from: []( The starting point of my modifications is Firefox add-on version 1.2.12, the most recent version for XUL-capable web browsers. I reverted this repo to the Fri Feb 17 16:14:46 2017 -0800 commit, or, to be more specific: a97e57f432d24d31bc5091fdce237953cdeb1422 <br>For summaries of my modifications, please see this repo's commit history, from 3/16/2021 onward. []( 03:56:12 03/16/2021. End of text by Apollia. ----- The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to a browser. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and will run on any platform that these browsers support including Windows, OS X and Linux. The extension can be installed from its home page: * Home page: []( Or directly from the Chrome, Firefox or Opera extension repositories: * Chrome: []( * Firefox: []( * Opera: []( Announcements ------------- For announcements about the Web Developer extension including news about beta releases and previews of upcoming versions follow: * Blog: []( * Twitter: []( * Dribbble: []( Help ---- Help for the Web Developer extension can be found on its home page: * Help: []( * Known issues: []( * To-do list: []( To report a new issue or suggest a new feature please contact me: * Contact: []( Developers ---------- ### Technologies The Web Developer extension is written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The XML user interface language [XUL]( is also used in the Firefox version. ### Extension documentation For information about how to write browser extensions check out the Chrome, Firefox and Opera documentation: * Chrome: []( * Firefox: []( * Opera: []( ### Localization The Firefox extension is fully localized with languages other than English (US) provided by the community. For information about how to write localized browser extensions check out the Firefox documentation: * Firefox: []( ### Build process The extension uses the [Gulp build system]( Once Gulp is installed the extension is built by running the following: gulp To build the extension for Chrome, Firefox or Opera only run `gulp chrome`, `gulp firefox` or `gulp opera` respectively. When the extension is built it creates `build/chrome`, `build/firefox` and `build/opera` directories as well as packaged versions of the extensions `build/`, `build/web-developer-firefox.xpi`, `build/web-developer-opera.nex`. The extension can be installed in Chrome or Opera by loading the unpacked extension in `build/chrome` or `build/opera` respectively as described in the [Chrome]( and [Opera]( documentation. The extension can be installed in Firefox by installing `build/web-developer-firefox.xpi` like a regular extension. ### Included libraries The following libraries are used by and included in the extension as-is: * Bootstrap from Twitter: []( * CodeMirror: []( * Eric Meyer's Reset CSS: []( * Font Awesome: []( * ICanHaz: []( * jQuery: []( * JS Beautifier: []( * Table Drag and Drop jQuery Plugin: []( They should not be altered apart from to update to their latest versions for maintenance reasons. The latest versions of Bootstrap from Twitter or jQuery can be automatically merged into the repository using `gulp merge-bootstrap` or `gulp merge-jquery` respectively. ### Icons The icons used in the extension are: * Font Awesome: []( * Helveticons: []( * Icon Drawer classic set: []( Any new icons used in the extension should come from these existing icon sets for consistency. ### Editor Configuration An [EditorConfig]( file is included to unify the coding style for different editors. Acknowledgements ---------------- Supported by: * [BrowserStack]( Author ------ ### Chris Pederick * []( * []( License ------- All files are distributed for free under the terms of the [GNU General Public License]( This does not apply to the included libraries or icons mentioned in the Developer section which have their own individual licenses.