September 1, 2021

Mistakenly didn't think it would be so difficult and time-consuming to rearrange everything manually. I might have been better off trying to install and use the Gulp build system.

Apollia authored on09/01/2021 05:53:14

My next goal is to drastically rearrange this repo to mirror where things are in the installed copy of Web Developer I had in this .xpi file in one of my Firefox profiles:

Apollia authored on09/01/2021 00:27:33
August 31, 2021

Moved everything I'm probably never going to use to the "Retired" folder, including all the "chrome" and "opera" folders, the "gulp" folder, and various other odds and ends.

Apollia authored on08/31/2021 23:41:33
March 26, 2021

In the Readme, pointed out that Chrome and Opera users should use the official version of this add-on instead. Also pointed out my modified version of this add-on will probably never use the Gulp build system, since it depends on Node.js, which I currently don't have a convenient enough way to install and use.

Apollia authored on03/26/2021 09:31:51

Renamed "license.txt" to "LICENSE-GPL3".

Apollia authored on03/26/2021 08:55:53
March 16, 2021

To the top of the Readme, added some text I just wrote.

Apollia authored on03/16/2021 07:36:09

Reverted to the Fri Feb 17 16:14:46 2017 -0800 commit to get back to Firefox add-on version 1.2.12, since I have no use for the WebExtension stuff made for Firefox 57 and beyond - the ruined XUL-incapable versions of Firefox.

Apollia authored on03/16/2021 06:22:16
January 13, 2020

Fixed features that generated a toolbar after switching to using Mustache templating

Chris Pederick authored on01/13/2020 00:29:45
December 19, 2019

Merge pull request #29 from LucasLarson/patch-1

Chris Pederick authored on12/19/2019 22:01:52

Remove Dribbble

Lucas Larson authored on12/19/2019 17:50:55
December 17, 2019

Fixes custom resize options not working and tries to fix the extension settings being accidentally wiped

Chris Pederick authored on12/17/2019 16:31:06

Remove the AMP testing tool

Chris Pederick authored on12/17/2019 01:51:31

Merge pull request #28 from WebVeteran/master

Chris Pederick authored on12/17/2019 01:48:28

Update jQuery and replace icanhaz.js with Mustache

Chris Pederick authored on12/17/2019 01:44:39
February 28, 2019

Added two markup testing services

Jules Gravinese authored on02/28/2019 18:21:53