December 17, 2021

Old updates from Sept. and Oct. 2021. Made it possible to press Win-Page Up and Win-Page Down to jump up or down to instances of Apdiv B. Added 3 multifile builders.

Apollia authored on12/17/2021 06:20:12
September 16, 2021

Added the ability to set a privacy level via this new customvar: apollia_customvar----Privacy_Level. Nil means public, t means private. In "My Emacs Settings Multifile Builder", excluded most *scratch*-buffer-related things, and added them to the new "Multifile Builder - Emacs Scratch" instead. Made it easy to automatically insert the contents of multiple private and/or public files into the scratch buffer.

Apollia authored on09/16/2021 12:22:59
September 15, 2021

Improved the Bash script "Raise Next Emacs Window". Now, you can specify which window to raise by giving the script an integer in Arg 1. Noticed the script wasn't as reliable as it ought to be, due to the fact that Emacs somehow stops using my custom frame title format on any frames I haven't gone to recently. (Haven't yet figured out why that happens.) So, now, by default, the script searches for Emacs windows using xdotool. You can go back to the old search method by setting $should_search_for_windows_with_grep to true. You might want to because the old search method is faster, uses less CPU, and the ability to only go to the most recently-used frames could actually be useful.

Apollia authored on09/15/2021 08:47:45
September 14, 2021

In "Apollia Scripts/Raise Next Emacs Window", made it so if it's going backwards, and you aren't already at an Emacs window, the last found Emacs window is raised instead of the first.

Apollia authored on09/14/2021 08:57:22
September 13, 2021

To the new "Apollia Scripts" folder, added this handy Bash script: "Raise Next Emacs Window". The same script can also raise previous Emacs windows if you run it with a non-empty Arg 1. I usually run it via 2 Openbox window manager keyboard shortcuts: Win-e to raise the next Emacs window, and Win-E to raise the previous Emacs window. See its source code for more info.

Apollia authored on09/13/2021 15:31:13

In "Apfunc Headers and Footers", made it so function footers inserted in an Emacs Lisp buffer automatically have the function name enclosed in parentheses. That makes it easy to run the function just by putting your text cursor after the righthand parenthesis and typing C-x C-e.

Apollia authored on09/13/2021 14:29:23

Finally fixed the still-unexplained sporadic unreliability of the Next/Prev Frames shortcuts in my Hydra navigation menu (summoned by pressing F3 twice). Made that menu's "random" command capable of going to any frame, no matter how many new frames you create. Made the Workgroups section of the modeline display the frame number instead of the workgroup number.

Apollia authored on09/13/2021 10:34:10
September 12, 2021

In my Hydra navigation menu (summoned by pressing F3 twice), changed some shortcuts. Added the shortcut "y" to easily switch the current frame to the *scratch* buffer. Got this menu to work properly with workgroupless frames - now it can appear in them, and you can navigate between all frames (instead of just workgroup frames) with Left Arrow/Right Arrow, or F1/F2.

Apollia authored on09/12/2021 18:46:34

Made Emacs open only 7 instead of 10 frames at startup, but kept the old settings in case I ever want to go back to them. To improve the navigation between these frames, made new settings for my navigation Hydra (which displays its commands when you press F3 twice). Also made it so Hydra automatically gets set up differently depending on what the var apollia_list----Startup_Workgroups is currently set to.

Apollia authored on09/12/2021 12:39:28
September 8, 2021

Now, "M-k to swap everything in this line after cursor with whatever is in clipboard" restores the original cursor position instead of leaving the cursor after the pasted text.

Apollia authored on09/08/2021 11:06:42

Added "M-k to swap everything in this line after cursor with whatever is in clipboard". Changed keychords: M-Left Arrow goes to the beginning of the line. M-Right Arrow goes to the end of the line. Formerly, those keychords went to the previous and next buffers.

Apollia authored on09/08/2021 10:35:31

Added "C-k to kill a line without copying it" and "C-Shift-K to copy when killing a line".

Apollia authored on09/08/2021 10:10:59

Now, when I press F3 twice to summon Hydra and display its available commands and other info, the top line displays the current dest clipboard for copy commands: either "Copies to Main Clipboard" or "Copies to Emacs-Only Clipboard".

Apollia authored on09/08/2021 06:43:09

Added missing function headers and footers.

Apollia authored on09/08/2021 06:06:45

Added "Short Describe Variable", containing the function (describe-variable-short), which can now be run with the keyseq C-h V.

Apollia authored on09/08/2021 05:57:27