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# new2dir - Modified by Apollia []( Modified a lot by Apollia - []( - based on the version of "new2dir" included in Lighthouse 64 Puppy Linux 6.02 Beta 2, timestamped 2013-03-12 14:28:42 -0400 and available in this repo's history. []( <br>Original Version of "new2dir" by Barry Kauler - []( Some old version(s) modified by jemimah, and perhaps others. Readme by Apollia. <br>In Puppy Linux, the "new2dir" command is used to make .pet files - easy to use software installer files for Puppy Linux. I (Apollia) modified it way back in 2015 to try to make it avoid making my hard disks do unnecessary work. So, in my versions, .pet files get built in the Puppy Linux RAM disk, and my versions use the "sync" command a lot less. Also, at the time, I had little experience with Bash, and found many things very confusing. So, I added a large number of comments as I gradually figured out how various things worked. I also renamed lots of things, added functions, and changed a lot of formatting. <br>As a result, my modified version is very bloated compared to the unmodified version - mine is 80 KiB (mostly from comments), while the unmodified version is 16 KiB! But, I learned a lot from making it, and the still-current version timestamped 2015-03-22 12:24:36 -0400 has served me seemingly well for years without any further modifications. However, I never very rigorously tested it yet, so, sorry if it actually isn't working as well as I believe it probably is. <br>As of July 1, 2019, I've been thinking for a long time I ought to renovate it even more, but I'm not sure when I will do that. So, all I did so far was create this Git repo, write this Readme, and add an .Installers folder, containing files which make it easy to install this app using APSK Apphoard Manager. []( * The "new2dir" script is under the 2007 GNU Lesser General Public License: [](