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# php-imenu-apmod.el ApMod v1 Released July 23, 2017. A [GNU Emacs]( add-on. php-imenu-apmod.el is a modified version of [php-imenu.el]( The original php-imenu.el is by Marcel Cary. It was created June 23, 2008 and last modified July 25, 2008. <br/><br/> php-imenu-apmod.el has slight modifications added by Apollia on and before Dec. 22, 2015, at 6:56:42 PM EST. <br/><br/> I (Apollia) didn't change much. I don't recall exactly what I was trying to do, but it looks like I was trying to do something with the speedbar, then commented all that out when it didn't work. I probably didn't write most of that speedbar code - I probably copied and pasted it from somewhere. It looks like another thing I changed was some strings of some sort displayed somewhere - not sure what or where. I made this repo because I'm going to be releasing [my personal GNU Emacs settings](, and I wanted to make my slightly modified version of this add-on easily and separately downloadable.